ABCmouse Helps Your Child Be School Ready

ABCmouse Helps Your Child Be School Ready

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ABCmouse is a fun learning tool for children.  It is important to realize that is a subscription-based educational website for kids age 2 to 6.

This site is easy enough for even the youngest computer users to play games and do activities that will help them begin the adventure into reading and other kindergarten skills. Your kids will earn points when they play games or complete an activity, which they can “spend” at a pretend online store. You do not have to worry about ads or external links.

The site was created by the founder of NeoPets, has been offered free to all public schools in the United States and Canada.

With the colorful kindergarten classroom homepage, learning zoo, the interactive books and songs are sure to appeal to young users. Many kids in the pre-K set will be able to find something new here every time they visit. This is much more fun than the games that are the same every time they go to play.  Plus it’s educational.

Their learning approach is for kids to make their way through various learning paths, either pre-set or customized. Whether doing puzzles, playing games, or listening to songs, learning content is clear and covers a wide variety of topics. This will help your child not get board.  We all know small children do not have a long attention span.

Kids will likely need help navigating the site, which includes video clips to help teachers orient themselves. The activities could offer more help for kids who are having trouble. Printables offer offline extensions. This will allow you to spend some quality time with your child(ren) while helping you help with their learning.

Make the Child’s Avatar their Own & Earn Tickets

Your child is able to have their name for their avatar, and pick if it is a boy or girl. Then your child can pick out the clothes that they want their avatar to have, hair color, skin color, eye color the list goes on. Once they build up their tickets they are able to buy different items one of them being a pet.

Your child can earn tickets by completing different activities, even coloring. One ticket was earned for the coloring of the pig below.

You will find ABCmouse to be very educational as well as fun! Right now you can get a 1 month free trial to see what you think.

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