Different Types Of Pressure Washers

Different Types Of Pressure Washers

Pressure washers or power washers are essential items in your home. You can use these appliances to perform various tasks efficiently and quickly. There are numerous designs and models of pressure washers today, so you need to know the machine that will suit your needs. You can use portable 2 in 1 pressure washers to effectively remove grime, dirt, and moss. Though it is a luxury appliance, these washers have an excellent ability to clean your property and increase its aesthetics and value.

Pressure washer types

Pressure washers are distinguished based on how they deliver water and power type. Keep reading this article to know a few power washers available today.

1. Coldwater pressure washer

These are widely used since they are affordable to manufacture. Additionally, they are simpler in construction, making it easier to use them. Coldwater power washers are used daily to clean decks, siding, and other structures around their home. These washers are not very powerful; hence, they are not used in large industries and contractors. However, cold water commercial pressure washers are designed with adequate power for their uses. What’s more, cold water machines are convenient and portable. You can easily transport them to the area you want.

2. Electric pressure washer

An electric power washer is convenient at home as it has several desirable features. You can use it effectively to accomplish simple home power washing needs. You can also use them occasionally for commercial purposes. Electric pressure washers are lightweight and pretty affordable. On average, these home appliances are less expensive than gas pressure washers.

3. Hot water power washer

Pressure washers that pump hot water are a valuable asset when handling large and small cleaning projects that involve more effort and stubborn stains like grease. Businesses prefer hot water power washers because extremely high temperatures make cleaning easier. On the contrary, cold water’s temperature reaches only 140 degrees Fahrenheit, far less than hot water temperatures. Remember to be careful when handling the heated water to avoid injuries. What’s more, the equipment is convenient as you will use less detergent during cleaning. On the downside, these pressure washers are powered by gasoline; therefore, a critical factor to consider is cost.

4. Petrol power washer

These machines are equipped with gas engines that operate pressure pumps. Petrol power washers are popular and can produce the greatest water pressure of approximately 2000-3000 pounds per square inch (PSI).

5. Gas-powered power washer

Gasoline power washers are more powerful than electric washers. If you have a big cleaning job, you can use these appliances to get the job done effectively and efficiently. Moreover, these washers are easily portable. They do not need any tethering, so you can roam with them freely in different rooms. They are also ideal for outdoor applications. There are also several disadvantages of using gas pressure washers. They are noisier than electric units and generate exhaust fumes that pollute the environment.


With the wide range of power washers, you need to know the pros and cons of each design to make a wise purchase. The points highlighted in the article will be useful as you search for the best pressure washer.