Quality Pencil Grips: Get to Know the Various Designs

Quality Pencil Grips: Get to Know the Various Designs

Discussing pencil grips can seem strange in this technology-oriented world. However, many people still use them, especially school kids. The popularity of pencil grips has increased tremendously in the market for multiple reasons. They help improve your pencil grasp, offer stability, improve handwriting, and reduce fatigue. The wide selection is available in numerous colors and shapes, seemingly fun and playful to kids. Their material gives them a soft and comfortable feel, perfect for users. So, what are the different quality pencil grips available for buyers?

Understanding the various designs of quality pencil grips to buy

Pencil grips are designed differently to suit various users and their needs. You can choose your preferred material when buying, e.g., foam, silicone, rubber, and gel. Besides materials, the designs also vary. This article highlights the quality pencil grips designs for easy selection in the market. The dominant designs include;

Single finger pencil grips

The design has a single sleeve, ideal for adults or kids who've already achieved stability. The user wears the sleeve on one finger, i.e., the index or middle finger. Its versatility is quite attractive, something that many buyers want. You cannot go wrong with this pencil.

Double finger pencil grips

It has two sleeves attached to the sides. The thumb goes into one sleeve and the index finger into the other. Unlike the single sleeve, this design provides support and control when writing. It also helps correct simple errors, making it the most common type. Your kids will love it.

Triple pencil grips

It's also called the tripod-style grip, as it involves three fingers. It has three sleeves where the thumb, index finger, and middle finger rest. This grip is the firmest and hence excellent for kids learning to write. Despite the positives, the pencil insert band and three sleeves make the style bulky. It's less dominant than the previous two designs, but you can find it on sites like Alibaba.

Plain band pencil grips

This variety has no handles or sleeves. The pencil goes through to your preferred position. Its primary use is to provide a soft surface to hold. Wooden pencils can be painful to hold, resulting in bruises, or calluses. The plain band pencil grip is suitable for those who can already hold a pencil and write well. The grip also keeps your hand firm for easy movement.

Rubber band pencil grips

This style is quite different from the others. It lacks sleeves and instead has two elastic bands attached to each other. One band goes around the wrist, the other on the pencil. The pencil assumes one angle upon grasping, perfect for correcting and maintaining good handwriting.

Final words

Quality pencil grips are great items for writing or handwriting perfection. They correct bad grasping and are great for occupational therapy. The designs are available in many physical stores and online shopping platforms. Sites like Alibaba have a wide range of them. You can shop the different colors, styles, sizes, and materials based on your needs or what suits you best.