What Are The Common Problems Associated with Pressure Washers

What Are The Common Problems Associated with Pressure Washers

Using a pressure washer with a surface cleaner attachment is a good way to avoid some problems with the pressure washer. But not all problems get solved with the attachment. Sometimes you

Engine issues

Generally, there are three main types of pressure washers. The first and most powerful types of pressure washers are the gas pressure washers that run on regular fuel to work. The second and probably the most common are the electric pressure washer that gets its power source from electricity motors. Lastly, we have the pressure washer that is powered by batteries. The latter option is the weaker devices, but they have low pressure enough to clean fragile items. Each one of these pressure washers has an engine that keeps it working. That engine getting damaged is one of the most frequent problems recorded with a pressure washer. Usually, your pressure washer engine will hurt when you have been using your device over time.  Your pressure washer engine may go bad early only if you have bought a mediocre product. The problem is usually caused by the air filter getting clogged. While using your device, the air filter provides clean air with the carburetor to function. Over time, the filter gets dirty and causes other damages.

Pressure washer surging

Pressure washers work with a pump as the main component to provide an increment in the pressure of the water. Water comes into the device through a source that should be kept open and goes straight to the pump. There are times when you turn on your pressure washer, and all you notice is it works fine for a while and suddenly reduces its intensity. It keeps going on and off. This process is known as your pressure washer surging. If you notice this, the problem is most definitely from the water source. Either there is a problem with the hose connection to the tap, or the source is somehow running dry. When there is a problem with the source of water, the supply will reduce. For most pumps, they will not operate correctly without a good supply to their capacity. Hence, ensure your pump has enough water to pump.

Extreme pressures

The idea of using a pressure washer for cleaning surfaces is to clean quickly because of the force of the water released. However, it is usually unsafe for the pressure washer to be releasing a higher pressure washer than you set up. There is always control for your pressure washer, so when you set a low pressure, and your device is still blasting at high force, there is a problem. A number of things can be responsible for this mixup. It may be either the nozzle size being too small; an easy fix is to get the right size. The problem may also come from the unloader or the regulator. Another culprit can be the pressure gauge malfunctioning. It is usually better to have an expert look at it in this case.


Other common problems with pressure washers include leakages in the device and reduced pressure from the pressure washer.